Unattended Services

In a situation where the family is unable to attend (illness, great distance away or others), the Captain of the ship will take your loved one's ashes along on a voyage and perform a distinguished scattering for you. We will welcome any requests you may have such a particular prayer to say, a poem to recite,or music to play. You will received a video of the ceremony, GPS location, and a ornament of the ship.


(We required a copy of the cremation certificate)

Attended Services

This is where family and friends will get together in our Classic Yacht for a farewell cruise and launch a new departure voyage. The ship warm living room and upper deck make it a homey  ambiance. Here the ceremonial themes are endless. When cruising at the ceremonial destination family and friends can express their experiences and memorable story they had with the departed. The Ceremonial can include release of doves, flowers, firework, all options can be available. Upon our return to port a optional lunch buffet can be served where all enjoy sharing a meal at the honor of their love one.

$395/per hour

(minimum of 3 hours)

Optional Buffet $29.95

We have a special destination at Silver Falls in complete natural native sacred land that combine waterfalls, ice cap mountains and serenity. (5 hours is required for this destination)